A Bequest will help the MS Society of SA & NT to keep on ‘seeking the cure’ for MS and ‘providing the care’ to people whose lives are affected by this disease.

Options for a Bequest

You can include the MS Society to receive a Bequest from the following options:

  • Either a percentage of your residual Estate or a specific amount
  • An asset such as property, shares, insurance policy or similar item of value
  • The income from a charitable trust established in your Will
  • Participation in a MS Society Life Will

Bequest wording

The following is an example of how your bequest may appear in your will to help people with MS:

I give and bequeath free of all duties to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Australia and Northern Territory Inc. of Endeavour House, Technology Park, 11-15 Fourth Avenue, Mawson Lakes 5095 (please include your bequest option here), for its general purpose and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees.

ABN 85 662 359 859


Keeping in touch

Please tell us you have included the MS Society as a beneficiary in your Will. This will help us to plan for the future knowing we have the necessary resources, and we would much prefer to thank you rather than your executor.

Where do the funds go?

The MS Society is a not-forprofit organisation. The funds are directed to research projects for a cure to the disease, and the vital specific client support services including:

  • Counselling for the whole family (especially important following diagnosis)
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Access to current information, peer support and lifestyle planning
  • Equipment support
  • Respite care
  • Social work services
  • Support in metropolitan, regional and country areas
  • Medical research

Why do I need a Will?

A valid Will ensures your assets will be left to the people you love and care for, together with those you wish to help, such as people living with MS.

How do I make a Will?

It is best to seek professional advice from a solicitor to ensure you have made a valid Will. The cost is surprisingly modest and the MS Society can assist by providing a list of solicitors whose speciality is Wills and Estates. A list of trustee companies can also be provided on request.

Help us in other ways

MS Society Life Will

An alternative for consideration is a MS Society Life Will. Simply put, instead of a ‘conventional’ Bequest to the MS Society in your Will, your planned Bequest is used to partner a specific project which will benefit people living with the effects of multiple sclerosis during your lifetime.
This partnership with the MS Society will give you satisfaction knowing you have provided a generous legacy to help people living with multiple sclerosis.

Depending on your partnership in the specific project itself, this ‘investment partnership’ may need to be confirmed in your Will.
Please contact the MS Society for further information or for details concerning specific projects for you to consider partnering.

MS Society Capital Endowment Foundation

You might also consider using a MS Society Capital Endowment Foundation to deposit capital. Professionally managed, it is a means for the MS Society to only use the income derived from the capital you deposit. This income will be used to best assist people living with multiple sclerosis at the discretion of the MS Society Board members.

It is also possible to directly nominate a MS Society Capital Endowment Foundation as a beneficiary of your Estate.
For further details of any aspect of a MS Society Capital Endowment Foundation and making a deposit, please contact the MS Society.

For more information about leaving money in a will, please contact the MS Society on 08 7002 6500.  


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