MS Readathon

MS Readathon

3rd June 2019 - 1st September 2019

This August, the MS Readathon has re-launched in South Australia and Northern Territory for its 41st year!

This incredible event encourages kids all over to Australia to read as many books as they can throughout the month of August, to raise funds for people living with MS.

Every school has a connection to someone with MS and the MS Readathon helps raise funds for those families living with MS. Funds raised through the MS Readathon go towards sending kids whose mum or dad has multiple sclerosis to a special Family Camp, where they can meet other kids who understand exactly how they feel. It really is a case of kids helping kids.

Read what you want, as much as you can, in the month of August!

During the MS Readathon children can use the MS Readathon website to track their reading tally and celebrate every milestone they achieve.

Each child can earn Reward Badges for the goals they meet, and this year, we have even more badges! They can also go online and share what they are reading, rate it and review it!

Readathon registrations are now open! If you have children yourself, please consider signing them up to the MS Readathon this year and raising funds for our special MS Family Camps. Or, do you have an amazing child in your life who would love to take part?

Register for the MS Readathon today!

MS Readathon