Alison's new 'off road' walker

3rd November 2021

Exercise and keeping active is Alison’s outlet. It has helped her through the long process of re-establishing who she is with a chronic health condition. When COVID-19 hit, she decided that just because her classes were now cancelled, she wasn’t going to go backwards. We helped Alison purchase a special new walker using her NDIS plan so she could continue her journey to a happier and healthier version of herself.

Alison has made physical activity an important part of her life participating in hydrotherapy and exercise classes and having regular sessions with a physiotherapist. When COVID-19 started and her routine stopped, she decided that she wasn’t going to let this stop her. So, she started walking. Walking to get some fresh air. Walking to check in on her neighbours. Walking as much as she could.

Alison uses a walker for longer distances to help with her stability and posture. At 45 years old, she hated the fact that she needed a walker, worried that people would think she was an older person. But over time she realised that with her walker she could get out of her house more. Without it her body starts to twist and move in different ways. With a walker she can stand up straight and walk straight.

After a walk on a rough path, Alison joked that she needed an ‘off-road walker’. With her normal walker her arms were constantly jerked about, she had to hold onto the handles tighter and when she went over a bump the walker would stop so suddenly that she would almost fall over the top of it.

So, she did some research and found one that would be perfect, but it was far too expensive. She cast the thought aside until she saw a person on an online peer support group mention that they had accessed one through their NDIS plan.

Alison has had an NDIS plan for three years but never really used it because she just didn’t understand how to. She found the terminology and online portal confusing. It wasn’t until this year that she asked for a Support Coordinator to be included in her plan and started working with Lucy at the MS Society.

“Lucy narrowed it all down for me. Really just taking the time to hear what I needed to say, helping navigate my way through it all and putting me in touch with other people who can assist me.”

One of Alison’s NDIS goals is to be as fit, healthy and strong as she can be so that she can continue to take care of herself the best way she can. Lucy helped her to understand that the walker would fit into this goal and connected her with an MS Occupational Therapist who was able to find the walker for her and have it approved by the NDIA.

Since getting the new walker, Alison says her daily walks have become so much easier and far less painful.

“The first big walk I did was after some rain and I went on a track I hadn’t been able to get down before. The creek actually went over the footpath,” Alison says.

“This walker has the suspension and when you're pushing it along it’s easy. It’s like you're pushing it on carpet. Even when you’re going over a bump you don’t feel it. It was just lovely to get out, do it easily, not have to work hard with the walker to get it up things and through grass. This one just goes.”

You can learn more about our NDIS Support Coordination and Occupational Therapy services here.

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Alison's new 'off road' walker