Anthony's story

21st September 2020

Working as an assistant to a judge, moving around the crowded court room to collect documents was Anthony’s job. When he started to notice walking challenges as a symptom of MS, about eight years into his diagnosis, he realised this role might not be suitable for him anymore. That’s when he approached Multiple Solutions and his employer to come up with a plan.

While working has certainly become harder over the years as Anthony’s mobility has worsened, he says he has never considered giving up on work altogether. “I love having a job, it makes me feel like I’m contributing. MS does make things slow down, but you still have the ability to make meaningful contributions to this world.”

Anthony approached Multiple Solutions, the MS Society’s Disability Employment Services team, back in 2012 when he had first started to develop issues with his walking. The team were able to help him negotiate with his employer, while working together to come up with a plan to stay at work.

With an open mind, he went from a judge’s assistant role that required a lot of moving around, to an admin style role in records management. Anthony was based in the Supreme Court building at the time, but a large building with multiple floors became problematic. After some research, he had the opportunity to move to a new building with better disability access and a safer floor plan.

To manage fatigue, Anthony decreased his work hours from full time to three days a week with earlier shifts to accommodate his energy levels. Multiple Solutions also helped him to access some new equipment to make work easier including a larger keyboard, mouse and computer screens.

While Multiple Solutions focuses on employment support, wellbeing requires a work/life balance. We have put Anthony in touch with a range of support services to help him get the support he needs at home and out in the community including occupational therapists, a psychologist, MS Society services, support workers and other health professionals.

While Anthony has experienced a lot of change in his career over the past eight years, he has embraced every new opportunity and he has done it with a team of people right there to support him every step of the way.

Do you need help to stay at work, like Anthony? Contact Multiple Solutions on 1800 053 154.

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Anthony's story