Education. Support. Understanding. The important role of an MS Nurse.

8th July 2021

MS Nurses are passionate about supporting you at all stages of your life with MS. They are there to provide support with managing symptoms and improving your quality of life as well as ensuring you have quality information and emotional support available when you need it.

You will no doubt go through many changes in your life with MS and MS Nurses can provide support and specialist information when it comes to symptoms, treatments, managing relapses, planning for pregnancy and making lifestyle changes that can have a long-term positive impact on MS.

An MS Nurse can provide advice, tools and resources to tackle issues that arise, and their hope is to support and ultimately empower you to live as well as possible with MS. Sometimes this involves connecting you with other health professionals and services suited to your needs.

Emotions vary when a person first receives the diagnosis of MS and feelings of uncertainty, shock and anxiety are common. MS Nurses are often the first point of contact after a person is diagnosed by a neurologist, and are here to provide support, reassurance and reliable education.

As experienced healthcare professionals, the information and advice they can provide is a valuable tool in helping people who have recently been diagnosed to get through this often very anxious period. Short-term counselling can be provided for people who are experiencing feelings of loss and grief following a diagnosis and who may need extra support. A Continence Nurse can also help to manage any bladder and bowel concerns.

We are very fortunate in Australia to have so many affordable treatments available for MS. This means that, unlike even a decade ago, there are more options available. There is so much information to absorb in collaboration with the neurologist and medical team that this can become overwhelming to process, especially in the early days. More discussion and information from a nurse can help clarify thoughts and realistic expectations.

The unpredictability of MS symptoms can be a challenge for many people. Invisible symptoms are a very common cause of frustration and concern as they are often misunderstood by others. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can determine if or when a person may have a relapse or how quickly the condition may progress.

An MS Nurse may also prompt you to consult your neurologist again when it becomes necessary.Your MS management plan may need to be adjusted if you are going through life changes, or if you are experiencing new symptoms or relapses.

MS Nurses are here for you whenever you need them, providing knowledge, support and understanding at different stages of your journey with MS. You can speak to an MS Nurse whenever you have a question or concern by contacting MS Assist on 1800 812 311.

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Education. Support. Understanding. The important role of an MS Nurse.