Fran celebrates 25 years with MS

1st July 2021

Fran is so proud of everything she has achieved since she was diagnosed with MS. From a moment in time that she thought she wouldn’t come back from; she has since achieved goals that she is really proud of. She completed study, started her own business, travelled to England and Europe several times, and was an MS Readathon ambassador educating children at schools – just to name a few!

It was for this reason that Fran was determined to get all her family and friends together for a party to celebrate 25 years since her diagnosis with MS. Fran’s loved ones travelled from all over South Australia and Interstate to celebrate this milestone with her.

Fran says, “It was really lovely; it perks me up just thinking about it. My house looked like a florist, family and friends arrived with armfuls of flowers. I was inundated with gifts, cards, messages, flowers, chocolates, wines, and donations for the MS Society. It was a wonderful weekend.”

Since diagnosis, Fran has been committed to making changes to her diet and exercise to manage MS including regular exercise with a physiotherapist and hydrotherapy. She says she has seen a real improvement physically and mentally. She feels more energised and brighter after she exercises.

While MS, of course, impacts her life, Fran has found ways to adapt as her hobbies become more challenging. She enjoys sewing and painting but with lessened sensation in the right side of her body, finer details are more difficult. That hasn’t stopped her though. She instead uses a bigger needle with a bigger eye and experiments with larger, abstract paintings using a bigger brush.

In recent years, Fran has begun to see the importance of connecting with people on a regular basis as a way to get out of the house and keep her brain stimulated. She likes to fill her time by catching up with friends and taking art classes, and recently has spent time with her local MS Peer Support Group in Victor Harbour.

Fran wanted us to pass on a simple message to others living with MS. She says, “There is life after diagnosis.”

“I think my life has sort of been divided by before MS and after MS. In the 25 years after MS I’ve certainly achieved a lot, and I’ve definitely had the love and support around me that’s enabled me to do so many things.”

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Fran celebrates 25 years with MS