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Giuditta's new way of life

16th March 2020

Published in the MS Impact Newsletter

As Giuditta began to experience strange headaches while away on a family trip to Italy, she grew more and more concerned. It wasn’t long after she arrived home in Australia that she was diagnosed with MS.

“One of the biggest issues when first being diagnosed with MS or any medical issue is having no understanding of what it all means. There is a lot of information available online, but it was all new to us and we didn’t know much at all about MS,” Giuditta says.

Giuditta found herself wondering things like if she would still be able to drive and play with her daughter. Not knowing what this meant for her and her family made an already troubling diagnosis that much scarier.

Her neurologist encouraged her to make contact with the MS Society as soon as possible. For people newly diagnosed with MS, early intervention is extremely important. Talking with an MS specialist nurse helped to clear up some of the worries Giuditta had about her new diagnosis and pointed her in the direction of services that could ease the impact of her symptoms.

Giuditta says that to learn from the MS nurses that the changes in her body were related back to her MS has been a big relief and has played a massive part in helping her accept her diagnosis.

“The nurses are fantastic. I feel at times if no one was there I wouldn’t be able to cope the way I am. There’s a fantastic support there, they’ve been helping me cope and manage.”

“The MS Society is wonderful. I called and made that contact myself, and it feels really good having that contact. It’s just such a great feeling when you walk in, you feel accepted. There’s just so much help there.”

While medication is helping to manage her symptoms, flare ups can still happen and every now and then Giuditta can experience loss of grip in her hands and some balance problems.

Giuditta met with an MS physiotherapist who gave her some exercises she can do at home to improve the symptoms she was experiencing, and recently Giuditta took part in an eight-week yoga course ran by the MS Society and supported by you.

Not only did she learn poses and breathing exercises to help strengthen her body and mind, but she also made some invaluable connections. Giuditta says she really enjoyed the chance to connect with others living with MS who understand the changes she is going through.

Giuditta says, “I just remind myself that everything is okay. It is MS and it can be managed. It is not controlling me; I can control what’s happening.”

Thank you! You’re giving people like Giuditta the support and tools they need to adjust to a life changing diagnosis with MS.

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Giuditta's new way of life