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Graham's Story

3rd October 2019

When Graham was diagnosed with MS, he was working full time in the engineering industry. But the stress on his mind and body meant that his MS symptoms were difficult to manage at work and he wound up losing his job. Recently, Graham reached out to Multiple Solutions for help getting back into the workforce.

Like many others living with MS, Graham finds that his symptoms flare up when it gets hot, so problems with walking, fatigue and cognition are intensified in the heat – especially in a physically demanding engineering role.

“I thought I will never be able to do my trade again. Never. Impossible. I will never be able to stand on my feet for eight hours a day, or work in the heat,” Graham says.

Graham is a regular visitor to the MS Society, attending gym classes twice a week and working with the NDIS support team. When he mentioned to his social support coordinator, Anita that one of his NDIS goals was to get a job, she immediately put him in touch with a Lucy, a Multiple Solutions’ employment consultant.

Multiple Solutions is a Disability Employment Service provided by the MS Society for people with any injury, illness or disability. “I reached out to them because they were part of the Society. If anyone would know about getting a job with multiple sclerosis, you’d think Multiple Solutions would be the people to do it.” Graham says.

Graham says he would go crazy applying for jobs with no luck, but after joining Multiple Solutions he was working within just a few weeks. Not only that, but they were able to match him up with a job in a workshop where he is able to use his industrial engineering skills again.

In the past, Graham had kept his MS diagnosis a secret from his employer but found this meant they didn’t understand when he needed days off for medical appointments or because his MS symptoms were flaring up. He ended up losing his job.

Graham says he wanted to be open about his diagnosis and that’s one of the reasons he went to Multiple Solutions. “They would have more sympathetic employers, who would go to Multiple Solutions because they know the people are not your run of the mill people.”

Lucy helped Graham with access to cooling vests and towels to help him manage heat sensitivity in the workshop. She also checks in regularly to help with any issues or questions that might arise at work.

Graham is loving being back at work, in the industry that he dedicated most of his life. He feels worthy of working again.

Do you need help finding a job like Graham, or help staying in your current job? Contact Multiple Solutions on 1800 053 154.

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Graham's Story