Grant's story

18th September 2020

Grant experienced firsthand how tricky the NDIS application process can be, after two failed applications. He supplied evidence from his neurologist and filled out the form the way it asked him to, but he was still rejected. He just wasn’t sure where he was going wrong. He knew he might get knocked back a third time, but he was still determined to give it another shot.

As a photographer, taking pictures for magazines and newspapers, Grant was always carrying around heavy equipment. His symptoms of balance and walking issues made this part of the job harder and harder. Eventually he had to give up what he describes as the best job in the world. But he says it was a small price to pay to look after himself.

Just like many people with MS, Grant has good days and bad days with his walking and other symptoms. He wants to make sure he can access the services he needs to support him on those bad days and if his condition was to progress. He also wants to continue to use services like physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and massage which help him to live well both physically and mentally.

When Grant’s neurologist suggested he apply for the NDIS, he started the application process. He sent in his Access Request Form with a letter from his neurologist. There were massive delays and he waited months for an answer. The answer he finally got was not the answer he’d hoped for… he had been rejected. He applied again a second time and had the same outcome. Where was he going wrong?

Despite receiving the same disappointing outcome, a second time, Grant stays positive and refuses to give up. He decided it was time to get some help. That’s when he re-connected with the MS Society and started working with our Wellbeing and Social Support Coordinator, Jessica.

“I thought I’d get some more help in filling out forms and some advice from the MS Society. Jessica helped me hugely fill out the form to apply for access to the NDIS,” Grant says.

“The forms, in one sense are easy to fill out, but Jessica understood how they should be filled out in that professional way which resonates with NDIS more. That’s critical the way she filled the form out.”

With Jess’ help, he was accepted for access to the NDIS within just three weeks! After 18 months of back and forth, he finally received a positive outcome.

The next step is the planning meeting with the NDIS to decide which supports Grant will have access to in his NDIS plan. Jessica explained all the different funding streams the NDIS can provide and has put together a pre-planning report for Grant. The pre-planning report has already been sent to the planner so they have an outline of which services he would like to include in his NDIS plan, so Grant doesn’t have to worry about anything being forgotten.

“It really helps when people like Jessica are around that can support and help people out like me. It’s really fantastic when people are positive and upbeat like I am, and actually help you along the path to a positive outcome,” Grant says.

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Grant's story