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Hannah's story

20th January 2020

Hannah had landed her dream job working with children with disability in a camp environment. As you can imagine, a job like that requires a lot of energy and running around. In such an active role, her diagnosis with MS meant that she had to make some changes to manage her symptoms at work.

When experiencing symptoms like fatigue, balance issues and dizziness, Hannah knew that something would have to change. She felt like the best thing to ensure she stayed at work was to change job roles.

As a mum to a 5-year-old, Hannah was also conscious that she needed to save some energy for when she was at home with her son. Hannah now works a much less physically active role, in an office, providing support to people with disability in other ways.

Hannah has received support from the MS Society with the NDIS. She says she works with a lot of participants of the NDIS, but it’s very different when you’re looking to become a participant of the NDIS yourself. In many ways, this experience with MS means that Hannah has additional skills to be able to do her job and she can help to support her customers better.

After hearing about Multiple Solutions from another work colleague who has MS, Hannah reached out for some employment support. “They’ve been a great sounding board in terms of being able to talk about how things are going at work or at home,” Hannah says.

“Just knowing that I’m supported and that I don’t have to go through it on my own is really important. Knowing that I have that third party to ensure that whatever’s going on, they’ll step in if things get worse with my condition. They make sure the necessary assistance or supports will be put in place.”

Multiple Solutions have also supported Hannah to access equipment and other supports to help her stay at work. She now has a desk fan to help her manage on hot days and an ergonomic chair.

Hannah feels very lucky to work in an organisation that is understanding and supportive, as she knows that not all workplaces are the same. Because her workplace also supports people with disability, they understand when Hannah needs to take time off for medical appointments.

It is so important for workplaces to understand the needs of their staff to be able to support them in the right way. Multiple Solutions can provide disability awareness training for employers and colleagues of people living with MS.

“I’m not at the stage where its super visible, so that understanding of chronic illness and invisible disabilities is really important and I don’t know if that would be present in other workplaces as much as it is here.”

Do you need help staying in your current job like Hannah? Contact Multiple Solutions on 1800 053 154.

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Hannah's story