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25th May 2020

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During this unprecedented time, our thoughts go out to all directly and indirectly impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus). I sincerely hope you and your family are keeping safe and well during this time.

Many people are now for the first time experiencing what it feels like to be isolated and worried about their health. Unfortunately, this is not a new feeling for many people living with multiple sclerosis. The coronavirus pandemic is only adding further to the isolation and worry that many people with MS experience every day.

Please send a donation before 30 June 2020 to help us continue to provide vital services to people living with MS in South Australia and Northern Territory.

Nicky lived through the worst MS relapse she’d ever had in August last year. She went numb from the waist down – she couldn’t feel a thing.

Numbness and strange sensations all over her body have been normal for Nicky since she was diagnosed with MS in 2002.

Nicky describes times when she is numb, but it also felt like her skin is dripping wet. Other times it’s like she is walking on pebbles or bugs are crawling under her skin.

“One day I remember saying to my mum, ‘Look I’ve got a moon boot on. I feel like I’m carrying a moon boot on my left leg’. And then a few days later the moon boot was gone. It’s just crazy, makes you feel like you’re going mad.”

But this relapse was different. It started when Nicky couldn’t feel herself go to the toilet. Within 24 hours she was numb from the waist down.

People living with multiple sclerosis can experience a flare up of symptoms, called a relapse. These relapses often take people by surprise and can be very distressing.

Nicky’s passions are her two teenage daughters and her love of music. She’s the lead singer in a band performing at venues in Adelaide. She didn’t want to let this relapse stop her from performing but the numbness affected her balance. When she closed her eyes to sing, she’d get dizzy and wobbly. She wasn’t singing like her normal self.

“That relapse made me think this is how fast my life can change, with just one click of the fingers. From one minute to the next everything changed.”

“I was very nervous about what my future held, and I just couldn’t imagine getting better. It was hard to think I was in a relapse.”

Your support will mean the MS Society can be there for people like Nicky who are going through an MS relapse and scared about what the future might bring. Will you give today?

Your gift can help provide people with support from an MS nurse, so they know they are not alone. A nurse can also give people like Nicky the right information about treatments and the symptoms they are experiencing.

To give now, simply mail the enclosed coupon, call 08 7002 6500 or go to

Nicky was going through a major relapse and making a huge decision about starting a new treatment. She was anxious and didn’t know where else to turn. That’s when she reached out to Jo, an MS nurse at the MS Society SA & NT.

“I was just feeling so scared and doubtful that I would ever return to normal again. Jo was just so encouraging and reminding me about relapses and how they can get better. She was just so reassuring and very knowledgeable.”

“I’m very, very grateful that she was there for me to just call any time. It’s not an easy disease to talk about with anyone else because no one can possibly understand it.”

When Nicky started a new MS treatment, which meant five days in hospital, Jo was there. Nicky was so nervous making this decision, but Jo answered any questions Nicky had about the treatment and was there to hear her concerns.

Understanding how anxious Nicky was feeling, Jo went to see her at the hospital to check in on her and give her the support she needed at the time. Nicky never felt like she was alone.

Thank you so much for your past support. The MS Society can only be there for people like Nicky thanks to the generosity of people like you.

Our MS nurses are there for people with MS at the end of the phone whenever they have a question or concern about MS. During the current situation, people with MS are feeling vulnerable and worried about living with a compromised immune system during the coronavirus pandemic. We have received an influx of calls from anxious clients during this time.

It is important for people with MS to have someone to turn to in times of worry, when they feel like they have no one else. Our nurses continue to provide this support over the phone, at a time when our clients really need it most.

There are 2,500 people living with multiple sclerosis in South Australia and Northern Territory and two people are diagnosed every week. It is the most common chronic neurological condition affecting young Australian adults.

Our mission is to empower people with MS to live well with essential services like specialist MS nurses. There is currently no cure for MS, but doctors and scientists are making discoveries every day. That’s why we are also passionate about contributing to MS research into the cause, cure and treatment of MS.

Will you help us continue to provide vital services to people living with multiple sclerosis, to give them someone to turn to when they need it most?

Today I’m pleased to say Nicky’s relapse has slowly started to pass and she says she is singing normally again with all that passion.

“I don’t know where I’d be without the MS Society. I can’t imagine being with this disease that is so unpredictable and not having anyone to talk to.”

“I’m very grateful to all those who support the MS Society. My life wouldn’t be the same without their help. They really make a difference.”

Thank you for giving as generously as you can today. For people like Nicky, it will make a real difference.

Please send your donation in the reply paid envelope provided. Alternatively, you can make a donation online at, or call 08 7002 6500 to donate over the phone.

With my sincere thanks,

Christine Hahn
Chief Executive Officer

P.S I hope you can send us a gift before 30 June 2020 to help us support people living with multiple sclerosis in South Australia and Northern Territory.

P.P.S During the coronavirus pandemic, our number one priority continues to be the wellbeing and safety of people with multiple sclerosis. Our services are constantly evolving as the situation develops.

Our therapy and social support staff have moved their support from face to face appointments to teleconferencing so people with MS can still access essential services at this time. Our group exercise sessions have temporarily closed but we have introduced great virtual classes for our MS community to safely participate from home.

Our MS nurses are still available for support over the phone and are actively calling our clients to check on their health and wellbeing, while ensuring that our MS community has access to the supplies and resources they need during this time.

We couldn’t possibly provide these services without your support. With people like you by our side, we will continue to meet our commitment to provide quality services to people living with MS.

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