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Helpful hints for NDIS management

2nd August 2019

There are many options you can choose to help you to manage your NDIS plan, once it has been approved. Deciding which of these options will work best for you and your needs, can be overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Below we have outlined your funding and service management options to help you make an informed decision when going into your NDIS planning meeting.

Managing your money

In the NDIS planning process you will choose how the money in your plan is managed. Will you manage the money yourself, does the NDIS manage it for you, or is there an external professional you can go to?

The answer is all of the above, and in some cases even a combination of all three. There are four options you can choose from to help you manage your money to suit your needs.

1. Agency managed

This means the NDIA will pay all of your service bills using the funding as set out in your NDIS plan. However, you can only choose providers who are NDIS registered, which means they have met the regulations set out by the NDIS. This is a great option for those who are not physically able, or who simply do not wish to pay their bills or keep their own paperwork; however, this also limits you to selected NDIS registered providers.

2. Self-managed

This option means that you will be in charge of looking after all of your own bills, requiring you to pay invoices and open a bank account dedicated to NDIS payments. This will require you to be good at keeping records and keeping track of NDIS expenditure.

This option will give you the freedom to choose where you purchase services from, as you will not be restricted to only NDIS registered providers.

The down side to this is you will have to be good at budgeting as you might have to pay for things in advance before being reimbursed by the NDIS.

3. Plan managed

This means you can choose someone who will manage the bills and invoices on your behalf, as the NDIS will pay a registered plan manager to manage your NDIS funding. This option gives you the freedom to choose which provider/s you would like to purchase your services from, while someone else sorts out the bills. In some cases; however, bills might be paid late.

4. Combination

You might even like to customise your money management plan, by using a mixture of all three of the options above, to help you manage your NDIS plan in a way that suits you.

For example, you might like to self-manage some areas of your NDIS plan, such as purchasing continence products; but have the agency or plan manager sort out the rest.

For more information about NDIS management, please contact our dedicated NDIS team at MS Assist on 1800 812 311.

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Helpful hints for NDIS management