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Hydrotherapy a hit in Hayborough

6th June 2018

For years now, the MS Society SA/NT has run physiotherapist-led hydrotherapy groups at the old MS Society site in Klemzig, with the aim of promoting fitness, mobility and community for people with multiple sclerosis. In February we expanded our MS Hydrotherapy groups to reach our regional MS members in the Fleurieu Peninsula, with the help of Fleurieu Physiotherapy and Wellness (FPW).

FPW Physiotherapist, Chloe Tompson runs our Hydrotherapy program in Hayborough. Her aim is to work with our MS members to improve their balance and mobility, by working on muscle strength and core stability to naturally improve balance—all while keeping the class fun and fresh with different exercises each week.

Each person’s physical abilities and impairments are different, so Chloe works to make sure all participants benefit from the program each week. Each participant was given a free physiotherapy assessment prior to starting the program, and the exercises are tailored to the group that week to ensure each person’s needs and abilities are met.

Hydrotherapy can have many benefits for people with MS. The warmth of the pool can help to relax tight muscles and the water buoyancy can make movement much easier for people who have muscle weakness.

Chloe says, “When working with people with MS, I find that people feel a lot safer in the water, because if they fall they only have to worry about getting their hair wet. The water gives them the confidence to do a bit more without the fear of falling.”

“There is also the social side to the program which has been a big positive. The group that I’m working with are all fairly active and social, and love to have a chat and a laugh. This is a great program to encourage social interaction for those who may be feeling isolated.”

MS Hydrotherapy has received a lot of positive feedback from participants, with a consistent turn out each week in both metropolitan and regional locations. Mark Taplin has attended our hydrotherapy program in Hayborough each week since its launch in February. He says he really looks forward to the classes and has gotten a lot out of hydrotherapy.

“For me, by making this commitment to myself every week I really stick to it. I also go to the gym but since I’ve started this I’ve noticed a difference. I’m more flexible in my joints,” Mark says.

“The pool supports you with balance. It is relaxing but at the same time you can feel your body working. There may be some people with MS who are reluctant or self-conscious to get in the pool, but this is really something for everybody at all stages of MS.”

The MS Hydrotherapy group in Hayborough runs every Thursday at 12pm at the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre. Our metropolitan groups held at the Klemzig Pool, School for Little Swimmers are run each week by our resident MS physiotherapists Margot Strelan and Lee O’Connell on Thursday and Friday mornings. We also host additional classes after class on Thursday for those who require more assistance and support in the water.

MS Society SA/NT Client Services Manager Kate Mason says, “it is fantastic to be able to offer this service to more people with MS in a community based setting that not only supports individual physical goals, but assists with reducing social isolation and creating a sense of connectedness for our participants.”

If you would like to get involved in either of our MS Hydrotherapy groups in Hayborough or Klemzig, please contact MS Assist on 1800 812 311 or at

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Hydrotherapy a hit in Hayborough