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Michelle's Story

13th January 2020

Michelle has trouble with her walking and uses a walker or a wheelchair to help her get around her local shopping centre. She would walk a lot slower than her family and she felt she was slowing everyone down. Michelle has purchased a scooter with her NDIS funding and now she has no trouble keeping up with her family (and even going faster than them!).

As it starts to heat up, Michelle feels her right leg getting heavier and it becomes harder to walk. While walking around the house is a bit easier, she relies on the support of her family and carers to help when she goes out.

Every Saturday morning, Michelle and her husband go to the local shopping centre to do their grocery shopping. She would use her walker to get from shop to shop, but all that walking around was exhausting. She could only go to a few stores next to each other and she was wiped out for the rest of the day.

It took a few months, but the NDIS approved for Michelle to use her funding to purchase a scooter to help her get around the shopping centre!

Michelle wanted a scooter that was comfortable, sturdy and could easily fit into a car boot. An MS occupational therapist went with her to a supplier so she could trial a few scooters to make sure she got the right fit for her.

Now, on their Saturday morning shopping trips, Michelle is able to stay and have a look around the shopping centre with her husband. She can keep up and she doesn’t feel as fatigued when she gets home.

Michelle says, “We are looking at going on a cruise next year. 18 months ago, I wouldn’t have even considered it. But now because I have the wheelchair, scooter and walker I think I will be able to do it.”

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Michelle's Story