MS Society welcomes new gym equipment

26th November 2019

The MS Society SA & NT was able to purchase a Motomed motorised exercise trainer suitable for people with limited mobility, with support from the Honda Foundation.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological condition of the central nervous system and can cause problems with balance, muscle control and other basic body functions.

Regular exercise has been proven to help manage the physical symptoms of MS, as well as other symptoms such as fatigue. The MS Society promotes regular exercise to its clients with specialised gym equipment and small group training sessions with a personal trainer.

The Motomed exercises the upper and lower body in a cycling action and can be used directly from a person’s manual or power wheelchair. It has an interactive touch screen that motivates users with games, visuals and music.

Based on individual strength and mobility, the Motomed supports a person’s limbs and provides various levels of assistance and resistance to the movements. This means people with varying abilities can move freely and safely to improve muscle strength and fitness.

The machine senses muscle spasms and automatically responds by slowing down, reversing or stopping. People with little or no mobility also benefit from the repetitive cycling motion to maintain and improve range of movement in the joints, flexibility, circulation and reduce swelling.

The Motomed is available for use in MS Society gym sessions. Contact MS Assist to find out more.

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MS Society welcomes new gym equipment