MS Society introduces new virtual exercise classes

25th September 2020

Published in MS Impact Newsletter

Thanks to generous support from our donors, we were able to deliver new and innovative services to people living with MS during the COVID-19 pandemic, including our new virtual exercise and yoga classes. As an organisation that relies on delivering face-to-face services to our clients this support helped to ensure we could still be there for people with MS at a time when they needed us most.

Our MS physiotherapists ran three exercise classes per week using Zoom, and we had experienced yoga instructors running a weekly yoga program. All exercises could be done standing or in a chair for people with mobility and balance concerns.

Not only did our usual gym and hydrotherapy classes have the obvious physical benefits to help people to manage their MS symptoms, but they were a great way for people with MS to connect with others on a regular basis. During a time when many of us were feeling a socially isolated, this sense of disconnect from the outside world was difficult for many of our clients.

An added bonus to virtual classes means that people from anywhere in South Australia and Northern Territory could connect with our specialist MS physiotherapists. These new classes meant that we could reach people who have never been able to use our services before, like Elaine.

“These classes were a real-life saver in this time of lockdown. It’s such a great idea and I’m so glad they are continuing. This is such a marvelous way for people who haven’t connected with the MS Society yet to get involved,” Elaine says.

“Finding the self-motivation to exercise on your own is difficult. The classes keep me moving and my family think it’s great that I can exercise at home on a regular basis. I feel like I’ve had a really good workout afterwards. It really gets the heart rate going.”

While our face-to-face gym and hydrotherapy classes have resumed as normal, we will continue to offer these new virtual exercise and yoga classes five days a week to reach more people living with MS.

Contact MS Assist to join our regular virtual exercise and yoga classes.

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MS Society introduces new virtual exercise classes