MS Wellness Series

20th January 2020

“I was very fortunate to attend the pilot Wellness Series in November 2018. Over four weeks a small group met, with each week following a theme.

Each week we would start our sessions with a 30 minute 'fitness activity' with an MS Physiotherapist in the gym. We covered exercises to help with strength, flexibility, balance and even how to get up after a fall. Exercise sessions were gentle, and you were able to do whatever you could manage and were comfortable with.

Following our exercise session, we would move to the meeting room for about 45 minutes of interactive information where we could ask questions.

We learnt about diet from a dietician, who gave a very interesting and informative talk on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and vitamins found in food which are beneficial in our diet. It was great to be able to ask questions and touch and see various products.

An occupational therapist covered fatigue management and incorporating life around fatigue - work life, family life, exercise, diet, heat management, relaxation and rest. Again, followed by question time.

Next was stress management with a mindfulness instructor using relaxation techniques, mindfulness and meditation. We practiced some mindfulness and meditation exercises – I was so relaxed I felt myself nodding off!

Every week was interesting and informative. I really loved the small group nature of the sessions.We got to know each other and understand that while everyone's MS is different, we can all relate to the emotional, social and physical barriers we face. Our group was well balanced with gender and age differences and we quickly felt comfortable enough to share experiences and ask questions.

I would highly recommend the MS Wellness Series to other MSers.”

The MS Wellness series is a four-week program that gives you strategies, tips, knowledge and resources you can use everyday to live your best life possible with MS.

Each week you will be connected with a key health and wellness specialist and receive practical advice in the areas of diet, fitness, stress management and fatigue management.

The MS Wellness Sessions will be running again in 2020! Contact MS Assist to let us know where you would like to see these sessions held and to register your interest.

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MS Wellness Series