NDIS: Your questions answered

21st September 2020

What support can I get through the NDIS?

Every person’s needs are different, so the supports outlined in your NDIS plan will reflect your individual circumstances. Your NDIS plan may fund services like physiotherapy, home and gardening services, home modification, equipment, community participation activities and more.

What if I’m working and don’t get Centrelink, am I still eligible?

NDIS eligibility is based on disability need, not finances. If you are under 65 years, an Australian resident and need disability supports to reduce the impact of MS now and/or into the future – you may be eligible. Contact MS Assist to find out more about eligibility.

Do I transition to My Aged Care when I turn 65, if I already have an NDIS plan?

No. If you are approved for an NDIS plan before you turn 65, your plan will continue for the rest of your life.

How can I apply for the NDIS and who can help me?

The first step is to call the NDIA (1800 800 110) and ask for an Access Request Form. The MS Society can then help you complete the form and submit it to the NDIA. Contact MS Assist to get started.

Do I have to manage the money in my NDIS plan myself?

The short answer is, no. If you choose to self-manage your plan you will be in charge of looking after your own bills, paying invoices, ensuring funding is paid from correct funding lines and keeping records. If you aren’t comfortable with this, there are other options:

  • Plan-managed - The NDIA will pay a registered Plan Manager to manage your bills, help keep track of funds and keep records for you.
  • NDIA-managed - The NDIA will pay all your service bills using the funding as set out in your NDIS plan.

What’s the difference between a Support Coordinator and a Plan Manager?

A Plan Manager takes care of the financial aspects of your NDIS plan (see above). A Support Coordinator helps you use your plan to get the support you need to achieve your goals. A Support Coordinator can also connect you with service providers and help you plan for your annual plan reviews.

Can the NDIS pay for a support worker to drive me around?

In March, the NDIS introduced two new transport supports which give those who need it more flexibility when travelling.

  • General transport services – includes transport to community and mainstream supports.
  • Activity based transport – includes getting out in the community e.g. going to the movies or going shopping

What do I take to a planning meeting? Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you can bring a support person along to your planning meeting, such as a family member or carer. It is also best to come prepared with some documents and ideas including:

  • printed copies of reports from health professionals e.g. doctors and therapists
  • quotes from service providers for requested services
  • prescriptions and quotes for your assistive technology requirements
  • About Me statement
  • list of your goals
  • list of all your current supports, both funded and mainstream e.g. neurologists and GPs.

What happens if my plan ends and I don’t have a new one yet?

Your core and capacity building supports should continue uninterrupted. All plans due to expire within seven days will be extended by 28 days. Also, any unclaimed funds within your previous plan and service bookings will now be available for 90 days after a new plan has been approved.

We highly recommend that you contact your NDIS planner directly if you haven’t heard from them within six weeks before your plan expires.

Can my funding cover a food delivery service like Hello Fresh or Good Meal Co.?

If approved, your NDIS funding can cover food delivery services. However, the NDIS will only cover the cost of preparation and delivery, not ingredients. You will need to purchase ingredients yourself.

To access food delivery services through your NDIS plan you are required to submit a quote to your planner at your planning meeting. If you are currently accessing this support and did not submit a quote at your planning meeting, we suggest you contact your local area coordinator (LAC) or planner to get approval for this service.

Do I have to use NDIS registered providers?

If your NDIS funding is self-managed or plan-managed, you can access services and supports with ANY provider with an ABN.

But if your NDIS funding is NDIA-managed, you can only access supports and services through NDIS registered providers. If you have been working with an organisation that is not registered with the NDIS, we suggest requesting your plan be changed to plan-managed.

How do I get Support Coordination?

Not every participant is funded for Support Coordination, but everyone can ask for it. If you want Support Coordination in your plan, you must request it in your planning meeting.

The MS Society offer pre-planning support for your first planning meeting. We can provide a thorough report to your LAC or planner that will highlight why you need Support Coordination.

If you have received a plan that does not have Support Coordination, you can request an unscheduled plan review to add it to your plan. For help with this process, contact MS Assist.

Making a complaint

We do our best to provide every person with MS with quality services and supports. If you have a complaint about the NDIS funded services you have received please speak to us or your NDIS services provider.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the organisation with your issue directly, contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission on 1800 035 544.

For those with hearing or speech impairments, make your complaint through the National Relay Service on 1800 035 544.

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NDIS: Your questions answered