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Newly Diagnosed Physiotherapy Clinic creating positive outcomes

16th March 2020

Published in the MS Impact Newsletter

With your support, the MS Society has introduced the Newly Diagnosed Physiotherapy Clinic which supports people with a new diagnosis of MS to get a head start in managing their MS symptoms and improving their long-term quality of life with multiple sclerosis.

As we all know, regular physical activity and exercise is key to living an overall healthy lifestyle. But there are also many more benefits for people living with MS. Studies show that regular exercise can help to reduce the impact of common MS symptoms such as fatigue, bladder problems, pain, muscle spasms and stiffness.

People with MS can make contact with our MS physiotherapist to address concerns with their physical symptoms at any time on their MS journey. The MS Society has an onsite gym, personal training sessions and hydrotherapy classes available for clients, thanks to you.

As part of the Newly Diagnosed Physiotherapy Clinic, clients are now being encouraged to meet with a physiotherapist as soon as possible after diagnosis. We know that early intervention is important in setting someone with MS on the right path to maximise a healthy lifestyle and long-term outcomes in MS.

Our physiotherapist will address any symptoms or issues an individual might be concerned about and come up with a plan of attack to reduce the impact of symptoms on everyday life and improve them as much as possible.

Nick was diagnosed with MS just over a year ago. He says that he saw an MS physiotherapist shortly after his diagnosis and now he follows a regular fitness regime with an MS Society personal trainer.

“The PT sessions have been really helpful, both for my self-esteem and my fitness levels. I realised that it was too late to reverse the MS, but after seeing the physio I figured that if I came up with a battle plan, I could help to mitigate it on my own,” Nick says.

Two people are diagnosed with MS in South Australia every week. With your ongoing support, we will continue to provide people newly diagnosed with services to help them live as well as possible with MS.

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Newly Diagnosed Physiotherapy Clinic creating positive outcomes