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Our Vision, Mission and Values

19th December 2018

The MS Society SA/NT is pleased to announce our new organisation vision, mission and values statements. These will act as a central focus to all that we do within the organisation and guide us to where we aspire to be in the future.

Over the past few months, the Board, leadership and staff at the MS Society have been working together, with input from our MS Peer Support groups, to review the organisation’s vision and mission. The aim was to workshop these statements to accurately reflect the current aims and future goals of the MS Society.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision: Empowering people to live well. Supporting research.

Our Mission: To be the leading provider in South Australia and Northern Territory of reliable information, allied health and social supports to minimise the impact of multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

The mission is the epitome of why we exist as an organisation and will guide all our everyday decision-making. While our vision is our overall destination, the mission is how we plan to get there and will determine each step along the way. Our focus is YOU, and how we can be the best at providing people with MS and other neurological diseases with the reliable information, allied health services and social supports you need to minimise the impact of MS on your daily living.

What does our vision mean?

How do we ‘empower people to live well’?

To live well can mean something different to each individual. To some it may mean leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and fitness. To others it might mean surrounding yourself with family and friends, working in a job you enjoy, or eliminating stress.

Sometimes your MS symptoms can make living well harder, but not impossible. That is where the MS Society comes in.

Whatever it is that ‘live well’ means to you, the MS Society is here to help give you the confidence and strength to achieve these goals every day. Our vision is that we are able to provide the services and supports people need to take control of their MS and continue to live the life they want to live.

How do we ‘support research’?

A portion of our charitable fundraising and operational income is donated each year to support MS Research Australia to fund research into improved treatments, and a cause and cure for MS.

Research is an essential resource to empower people to live well, with treatment advances slowing progression of disability and people now diagnosed earlier than ever before. Modifiable lifestyle factors that people can implement into their daily lives are also a key research focus.

Over the past two years, the MS Society has contributed about two million dollars to MS research and our vision is that we will continue to make supporting research a priority in the years to come.


Our values influence our work and relationships with our clients, our colleagues, our partners and within our community. Christine Hahn, MS Society President says, “Your Directors believe that the values should be embedded in the culture of the organisation and guide everything we do.”

Andrew Ellis, CEO says, “Our values define us as an organisation, and set the standard of what you can expect of the MS Society and the services we provide. They will inform all of our decisions including the hiring of the staff you interact with every day. The first value of client-centred will continue to reinforce the reason we exist: to support people living with MS.”

Client-centred: We put people affected by MS at the centre of everything we do.

Respect: We show respect for people, and value each other’s differences.

Integrity: We work ethically, and to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Collaboration: We listen to the needs of our community, and foster positive relationships.

Safety: We create a safe and inclusive environment for clients, staff, volunteers and supporters.

Service Excellence: We are committed to providing high quality, accessible services and supports.

We would like to thank all our members and supporters for your patience and understanding as we pave the way to continue increasing services to empower people with MS to live well, while supporting research.

Make sure to look out for our new vision, mission and values in our communications, on our website and even on our office walls!

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Our Vision, Mission and Values