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20th June 2018

We would like to share a story we hear often and we hope you can help us.

Darren is 40 years old. He is married to Andrea and they have a daughter, Abby. This sounds like a normal story but things forever changed for Darren and his family when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in November 2011.

Currently, there is no known cause and no known cure for MS. In South Australia there are around 2,300 people living with MS. Each week three new people are diagnosed with MS

Just weeks before his diagnosis Darren found out he was going to be a dad, with his daughter Abby, born in May 2012. This would normally be a joyful time but as you can imagine, Darren and Andrea had real concerns about how Darren’s MS would impact him being able to parent.

MS is the most common chronic neurological condition affecting young Australian adults the most common age of diagnosis is between 20 and 40 years of age!

Darren’s MS has progressed since his diagnosis. Daily activities such as walking, getting dressed and showering have become extremely challenging and it also greatly impacts his ability to access the community independently as he is unable to drive, leaving Darren socially isolated and house bound due to MS impacting on his ability to walk without aids.

We want to help people like Darren by providing much needed services and support and need your generous support.

Imagine being a new parent and unable to perform some of the simplest of tasks for your family.

His daughter Abby has started primary school and Darren often speaks about his desire to take her to school and be there for the school pickup. This dream is impacted daily due to MS symptoms including fatigue and being unable to walk independently.

Darren’s wife Andrea works full time to support the family. As you can imagine as parents they want to create a normal life for their daughter.

Abby is extremely resilient and knows what to do in difficult situation, sometimes Darren has fallen over due to MS impacting his balance and Abby knows to call her Mum for help when her Dad is unable to get back up. Abby is only six and has to deal with some of the most challenging situations to help her Dad.

The team at MS SA&NT are committed to empowering people to live well and supporting research to strive towards better treatments as well as finding a cure. MS SA&NT aim to be the leading provider of information, health support services and social support to help minimise the impact of multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions within the community.

As South Australia is transitioning to the NDIS, more of our existing clients are accessing the NDIS and there has never been a time where our clients need our help more to ensure this transition is smooth and covers all their needs.

Darren connected with the MS Society shortly after his diagnosis through a referral from his neurologist and we have provided ongoing support in the following areas:

  • Counselling, and advice on treatment and symptom management from our specialist MS nurses.
  • Access to mobility support and home modifications to provide independence in daily activities and, safe and sustainable access to the community, provided by our occupational therapists.
  • Advice, and strength and mobility training to minimise current and future impacts of MS on day-to-day living, from our MS physiotherapists.
  • Assistance with any wellbeing or social concerns including social inclusion, information sourcing, and applying for government funding.
All of these services are not funded by government or other revenue streams. This is where we need your help. Please help us continue our vital work in the community by making a donation towards providing services to people with MS in SA.

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We thank you in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Ellis
Chief Executive Officer

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