The power of creativity

3rd November 2021

Written by Scott Marshall, Lift Up Voices Director and Social Worker

Having a creative outlet is key for any person. Scott Marshall, co-founder of Lift Up Voices and a social worker with a background in special education, explains how getting creative can positively impact your life.

There is a growing body of evidence in positive psychology literature that describes the benefit of using our creative sides with regards to social and emotional wellbeing.

That feeling of ‘getting lost’ and losing track of time while completely immersed in a project is very important! These experiences provide an opportunity to get things off our chest and sometimes explore emotions that may have been lingering beneath the surface for some time.

It is my experience that our relationships with creativity are entirely individual and can take any form a person desires.

Creating is even better together!

Engaging in group learning and accessing the community is another plus to the creative arts. Music, art and drama are all inherently collaborative.

The connections that are formed in workshops and other learning environments are incredibly deep and learning a new skill alongside others is a fantastic way to meet new people and strengthen existing friendships.

There is a great deal of evidence for the role that learning new skills can play in maintaining cognitive function. Learning helps to keep our brains adaptable and ‘on its toes’, strengthening our brain’s cognitive abilities. Finding a fun, engaging way to learn new skills that opens opportunities to meet new people is even better!

Why music?

Aside from the expressive elements of creativity, engaging with something that is fun and enjoyable has immense mental health benefits.

Engaging in the arts has been shown to release dopamine, which is the happy brain chemical. This means music has the power to elevate your mood and empower you for the day ahead. Engaging with music and other art forms can be powerful tools in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Studies also show that music has incredible positive effects on our brains and cognitive function, increasing our memory and retention.

Accessing creative arts services and supports

The creative arts are a very exciting space in the disability sector. Increasingly niche providers are offering innovative ways for people to utilise their NDIS funding to develop skills whilst also pursuing their personal interests.

Lift Up Voices is one of these providers, offering individual and group-based programs that incorporate singing, song writing, production and podcasting in sessions that are entirely individualised to suit each artist’s goals.

Lift Up Voices, and many others who work in the creative arts space, are able to fully customise the experience of each artist, regardless of experience or how they perceive their ability level. Adjustments can be made that accommodate any learning style to ensure everyone can be successful.

In closing, I would like to encourage anyone with an interest in the creative arts to pursue something new. Don’t allow self-consciousness to hold you back – the time to try is now!

Source: Open Minds Australia,
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The power of creativity