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Tune Review into the NDIS

3rd March 2020

While many people have amazing success stories from the NDIS, accessing supports and reaching goals they never thought possible, there are also just as many stories of disappointment and frustration.

A man by the name of David Tune recently conducted a review of the NDIS to identify what is working and what is not. And in January the Federal Government released the results of the Tune Review into the NDIS.

What did the review find?

The review found that participants:

  • feel the NDIS is too complex and too difficult to navigate
  • have found the transition to the NDIS confusing and frustrating, and they have to wait too long for supports
  • want more information and support to understand the NDIS, navigate the system and get their plan into action
  • feel NDIA staff do not understand disability or appreciate the challenges they face.

What did the review recommend?

Mr Tune made 29 recommendations, including:

  • Introducing a Participant Service Guarantee that that sets out decision-making timeframes the NDIA must meet, and ensures transparency from the NDIA
  • Providing more support to participants to understand the NDIS, navigate the scheme and get their plans into action while getting the most of their funding
  • Improving people’s experience with the NDIS by:
    • allowing more flexibility in using funding
    • allowing plans to be amended without a full review
    • allowing participants to see a draft of their plan before it is approved
    • providing more information about what ‘reasonable and necessary’ means
    • clarifying who is eligible for support coordination – and who can provide it
    • providing better connections to supports
    • better IT so people can track where their requests are up to.

To read the full review visit the Department of Social Services website. There is also a great plain English summary which is easy to read.

Source: Every Australian Counts

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Tune Review into the NDIS