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Turning red for World MS Day

6th June 2018

Last Wednesday 30 May, the MS community in South Australia and the Northern Territory threw on their best red and came together in celebration of World MS Day at two fantastic events held exclusively for our MS members and their family members, carers and friends.

World MS Day is internationally recognised on the 30 May each year, with events and campaigns taking place across the globe throughout the month of May. The aim is to bring the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with and for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

This year’s theme was Research with a campaign focus on research #bringinguscloser to improving life with MS now, and ending MS forever. This campaign was about connecting people affected by MS with those involved in MS research including scientists, nurses, fundraisers, and more. By coming together, we were able to celebrate what we’ve achieved in MS research so far, and share our hopes for the future.

Our South Australian event, held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre (AEC) in Adelaide, connected our MS members with a range of people from all aspects of the MS research community. Our guests were treated to two fantastic speakers, who spoke about MS research and practical approaches to living well with MS.

Opening and closing the event, was our key speaker Sally Shaw, a psychologist with a focus on MS. Living with MS herself, she was able to use her unique skillset with a mix of psychological expertise and lived experience to give our MS members a practical and relatable approach to living well with MS. Based on the MS International Federation’s Quality of Life Principles she gave our audience advice on stress management, mindfulness and more.

Our second speaker, Ingrid van der Mei is the Managing Director of the Australian MS Longitudinal Study at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. With a focus on brain health, Ingrid spoke to us about research in this area and provided evidence to support the six steps to brain health as outlined in MS Brain Health’s report. She also discussed employment, MS in relation to other diseases, and the future of MS research in Australia.

Guests were then treated to some entertainment with a special live performance from Billy Joel Tribute Australia’s national tour, which will be donating part proceeds to MS research. Guests hit the dancefloor as lead singer, Anthony Mara and the band played all the classics for our MS members.

MS Society SA/NT CEO Andrew Ellis said, “I was pleased to have most senior management in the organisation present at this event to meet and speak with our clients and members. I thank Kate Mason’s client services team for all their hard work in organising these fantastic World MS Day events.”

Later, tram users and drivers along Port Road were treated to a fantastic display as the AEC’s dome was lit up red! Nine News came out to catch the display and help us spread the message of World MS Day throughout SA.

Our Darwin MS community also made a splash of red, at Shillelagh’s Restaurant, as the community was brought together for a meal to celebrate World MS Day.

Videos of our speaker presentations will be available on our website and Facebook page in the coming weeks. Check out photos from our World MS Day events on our Facebook page and don’t forget to tag your friends!

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Turning red for World MS Day