You're providing opportunity

16th March 2020

Published in the MS Impact Newsletter

Many people with multiple sclerosis need access to funding so they can purchase therapy services, equipment and activities they need to help them live well. Essential services like these can cost thousands of dollars every year, which could be out of reach for many people. This vital funding could open doors to help people with MS achieve things they’d never thought possible.

Often accessing these funding streams can be incredibly confusing and frustrating, and the people who desperately need funding are rejected because they don’t understand how to navigate the lengthy process.

Thanks to you, the MS Society offers a range of free services to help people with MS access the funding they need.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government initiative that will help eligible people with MS access funding to purchase the supports and services they need to reach their goals. Goals like independence, making friends or getting a job.

With your help, we have recently launched the NDIS Engagement Program. We know there are many eligible people who haven’t accessed the NDIS because they don’t know where to start, don’t think they’re eligible, or they’ve tried and been knocked back.

Our staff reach out to clients individually to give them all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether the NDIS is right for them. We then put them in touch with our Wellness Team for help going through the application process.

With your support, we have helped many of our clients access funding they were initially rejected for. Together, we are giving people with MS the best quality of life possible and the opportunity to reach their goals.

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You're providing opportunity