Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift, or a bequest, to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA & NT(MSSANT) can open up many exciting opportunities for you to make a big difference to the lives of people with MS in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

People from all walks of life, and in varying financial circumstances, leave gifts to MSSANT. Your gift, combined with those from other MSSANT supporters, will make a powerful impact and help us to continue our very important work.

MSSANT has goals to significantly increase the contribution made to research into a cause and cure for MS, and to support people living with MS in SA & NT.

Research provides hope that one day our collective efforts will beat MS, and the construction of world-class facilities will ensure that people in need will receive an appropriate level of emotional, social and physical care.

How to leave a gift in your Will

There are many ways you can leave a gift to MSSANT in your Will.

Here are three examples of a bequest:

1. A Specific Sum – In its simplest form a bequest is a specific sum of money left in your Will to be received by a beneficiary. It is important to note that the disadvantage of this is that it does not allow for depletion of your estate or for inflation. In this instance, it will be important to review your Will regularly.

2. Percentage – Leaving a percentage of your estate ensures that your beneficiaries are not affected by the changes in the size of your estate or by inflation.

3. The Residue – After providing for families and friends, you may decide to leave the residue of your estate (what is left) to MSSANT.

More information

For more information on leaving a gift to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA & NT please call (08) 7002 6500, or email bequest@ms.asn.au.

Leave a gift in your Will