Publications & Downloads

Publications & Downloads

At MSSANT we have access to the latest information on MS treatments, techniques to manage your symptoms and research updates. We encourage you to contact us to talk with our experts in person; however, we acknowledge that this might not always be possible. The below Fact Sheets and booklets contain information which may be of assistance to you if you have MS.


INFO02 CS An Overview of MS
INFO03 CS Key MS Websites
INFO04 CS Adapting or Building a New Home
INFO05 CS Equipment for Independence
INFO06 CS Assistive Equipment
INFO07 CS Keeping Well at Home
INFO09 CS Balancing Exercise and Fatigue
INFO31 CS Driving with MS in SA and NT
INFO32 CS Chair Transfers 2010
INFO49 CS Driving with MS - Your Obligations
INFO54 CS Financial Planning Fact Sheet
H01 CS PT Information for Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors

Healthy Living

INFO50 CS Healthy Living Series
INFO29 CS Healthy Living Series - Yoga for People with MS
INFO30 CS Healthy Living Series - Aquatic Exercise
INFO34 CS Healthy Living Series - Exercise
INFO42 CS Healthy Living Series - Complementary and Alternative Therapies
INFO43 CS Healthy Living Series Diet
INFO44 CS Healthy Living Series - Travel
INFO45 CS Healthy Living Series - Pet Therapy
INFO46 CS Healthy Living Series - Vitamin D and Sunlight
INFO47 CS Healthy Living Series - Staying Active
INFO48 CS Healthy Living Series - Taking Control of Your MS
INFO51 CS Healthy Living Series - Mind Matters - Mental Health


INFO41 CS Symptoms Series
INFO08 CS Symptom Series - Spasticity
INFO11 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue
INFO12 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue Treatments Making Informed Decisions
INFO13 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue and Exercise and Diet
INFO14 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue and Keeping Cool
INFO15 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue and Managing Stress
INFO16 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue Planning Your Day
INFO17 CS Symptom Series - Fatigue Self Assessment
INFO18 CS Symptom Series - Cognition
INFO19 CS Symptom Series - Cognition Memory Strategies
INFO20 CS Symptom Series - Information Processing Strategies
INFO21 CS Symptom Series - Problem Solving Strategies
INFO33 CS Symptom Series - Sensory Disturbances
INFO52 CS Symptoms Series - Depression
INFO53 CS Symptoms Series - Urinary Dysfunction and Bowel Problems
INFO55 CS Symptoms Series - Visual Disturbances
INFO56 CS Symptoms Series - Pain

Managing MS

INFO57 CS MS Treatment Options
INFO58 CS Managing MS - Work and Employment

The MS Society of SA & NT Inc has endevoured to ensure the information in the handout is accurate, however it makes no representation of warranty to this effect. You rely on this publication at your own risk. MSSANT disclaims all liability for any claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred as a result of reliance on this publication.